How to Cook Skin-On, Corn-Fed Chicken Breast

1. Remove the corn fed chicken breast from its packaging and pat it dry with paper towels until it is quite dry. The flatten them out a little with your balled fist or a rolling pin so that the width is more even and a little flatter.

2. Salt both sides of the breast, then place them in a hot pan with cold oil sloshed in (about 2mm deep), SKIN SIDE DOWN, over a medium heat for about ten minutes, or until the colour of the chicken breast is changed up its side to about two thirds of the way up. Check the sin is crispy and brown (this is where the flavour lies, and the corn fed has a delightful flavour zone which is between the skin and the first mm or so of flesh.

3. Flip the breast over and cook for another 5 to 10 minutes (depending on how thick the fillet is), remove, season generously with salt and pepper and serve straight away.

4. TO SERVE:  best to cut the breast into slices on the diagonal if possible. One breast per person is ample.

ALTERNATIVE: Corn Fed Chicken Breast can be pan fried as above for two to three minutes a side and then finished off in a hot (180 to 200degC) oven for 20 to 25 minutes.