Inspired by our history

1958 Armenio Bento, aged 17 arrives in Sydney from Portugal with the shirt on his back and a head full of dreams 1963 Armenio Bento and Olivia Amaro marry and four years later Armenio opens ‘La Bodega’ Spanish restaurant igniting a passion for food and produce 1974 Armenio and Olivia start growing quail at Duffy’s Forest under the name‘La Cordorniz’. The business grows from 50 quail per week to 500 while only operating part time 1975 La Cordonizis renamed and Game Farm is born! Armenio and Olivia purchase 50 acres at Glenorie in 1977 The processing plant and growing sheds are completed in 1978 and the family relocates to the property. Armenio maintains the livestock and breeding while Olivia coordinates the processing plant. Fresh processed game birds are delivered by Armenio to Sydney’s finest restaurants 1979-1980 Armenio and Olivia’s teenage children Mark and Linda begin working casually in the business. Both will come to hold fulltime roles spanning 20+ years and play a pivotal part in Game Farm’s success 1981 Game Farm imports the first ever carcases of New Zealand venison. The product range at this time also includes quail, spatchcock, geese, pheasant, partridge, guinea fowl, corn-fed chicken and pigeon along with trading other exotic game meats 1983 Armenio meets Tetsuya Wakuda and the two become firm friends 1984 Game Farm buys a 10 acre Galston property where Armenio builds a leading edge game bird processing plant in 1988 Quail production is now at 6000–7000 per week 1993 Galston processing plant begins exporting to Asia Pacific and Middle East. 1994 Quail production expands from 20,000 to 40,000 per week. Armenio and Olivia continue in their roles displaying an amazing work ethic and passion for quality 1995 Japanese and Singapore export accreditation is achieved. 1.25 newly purchased acres become the hatchery housing up to 80,000 chicks 1998 Armenio and Olivia win the National Australia Bank Ethnic Business Award for NSW and ACT 2000 Merriwa 800 acre farm becomes a new quail hatchery, breeder shed and rearing facility 2002 Armenio and Olivia officially retire 2005 Game Farm partners with Singapore and Hong Kong companies and begins importing and distributing in Dubai. The second generation of Mark, Linda and Scott together with long-term employee Karl purchase the business from Armenio and Olivia and take full financial responsibility and ownership of the business 2008 Armenio and Olivia inducted into the Sydney Morning Herald Food Hall of Fame for their contribution to the food industry. Game Farm launches its first cookbook and corporate video 2010 Game Farm purchases a cold storage unit in the Strathfield Meat Centre to become a retail packing and distribution outlet servicing supermarkets across Australia’s East Coast 2011 Game Farm launches Quail Breast Medallions into major retailers 2012 Game Farm acquires a quail contracting rearing farm in Arcadia 2013 Major upgrades to the Galston facility installing an environmental wastewater treatment system in a continued effort to produce an environmentally sustainable product 2015 Head Office and Distribution relocate to Strathfield after renovations including a new commercial kitchen to showcase products to our customers.