Spotlight on Duck!

Duck is a flavoursome, succulent meat which has been a mainstay of European and Asian cuisine for centuries.

The French regard duck as a great delicacy and feature it in many internationally acclaimed dishes. The Ancient Greeks served it sprinkled with wine, while the Romans were famous for eating duck breast garnished with white truffles. But it’s probably the Chinese who have been most inventive with duck – developing hundreds of different recipes which make use of every part of the bird.

There are many different types of duck, from those favoured in French cuisine – such as the Nantais, Rouennaise and Canard Sauvage (Wild Duck) – to the Ayesbury and Rouen duck in Britain, Peking and Mandarin Duck in China and the Long Island Duck in the US.

Wild ducks are eaten all over the world and likewise come in many different varieties, from the Black Duck to the Teal and Wood Duck.

Duck eggs are a preferred choice of many gourmet chefs for their rich flavour, and are especially ideal for cakes. Duck has long been highly regarded as an integral component in gourmet cuisine – a fact known even to Basil Fawlty, who made it the centrepiece of his ill-fated “gourmet night” menu in the Fawlty Towers TV episode of the same name, in which he delivered the immortal line, “If you don’t like duck, you’re rather stuck!”

But don’t let Basil’s ineptitude fool you into thinking duck is difficult to cook. All you need is a good recipe, and you can find some terrific ones here.

To make life even easier, we’ve packaged Game Farm Duck Meat in convenient cuts like Duck Maryland and Duck Breast Fillet, to help minimise the hassle of preparation.

And of course when you buy Game Farm Duck, you can be assured you’re choosing the finest quality. Our ducks are grown in the Wimmera wheat belt and Hawkesbury regions of NSW and include a range of varieties such as Grimaud and Peking.

So if you’ve not yet experienced the fabulous flavour of duck check out the recipes, then get yourself some Game Farm Duck and treat your family or friends to a gourmet meal they won’t forget!