Spotlight on Quail!

Quail is a migratory bird related to the partridge family and has been described as “the epicure’s delight” due to the delicacy of its taste.

There are so many different members of the quail family found throughout the world that to list them all would take more space than is available here! The best-known are the European Quail, the Blue Quail of Africa, the American Quail and the Japanese Quail.

Quail is also sometimes called partridge in the US, and some places (eg Virginia) it’s known as the “bobwhite”. Many of the different species of quail have been named after distinctive characteristics, such as the Crested Quail, or after their habitat, for example Mountain Quail.

Game Farm supplies Japanese Quail, bred and grown in the beautiful Sydney basin and the lush pastures of the Upper Hunter Valley in northern NSW.

Low in fat and high in iron and protein, Game Farm Quail is available in a selection of cuts to save you preparation time and hassle in the kitchen.

Quail is an extremely versatile game meat, suiting a wide variety of cuisine types. To showcase how easy it can be to cook, we’ve developed a selection of recipes designed to make serving terrific tasting quail a simple matter! Check out our quail recipes here.

Check out the video below to learn how to go about deboning quail.