Our Story

The compelling story behind Game Farm tells a tale of tribulation, commitment, success and undeniable passion for game, passed between generations and shaping the Australian narrative of game farming.

Furniture maker and Portuguese immigrant Armenio Bento arrived in Sydney in 1953 with nothing but the shirt on his back and a head full of dreams. Armenio had a love affair with quail that began long before the culinary exotica became commonplace in Australian restaurants.

It started in a small backyard in Bondi Junction, where he grew quail for his own consumption whilst establishing a successful furniture making business. It wasn’t long before friends began requesting the tasty game birds and the demand grew quickly, from friends to friends of friends and Armenio realised the potential to sell to local restaurants and soon was supplying 100-150 birds each week.

Rising from the Ashes

After a devastating fire destroyed his entire furniture warehouse in 1973, Armenio and his wife Olivia put all their energy into developing the game hobby into a business. Working 20 hours a day and 7 days a week to make his dreams a reality, the Bento’s went on to purchase property at Duffy’s Forest, expanding the business from 150 quail per week to 500 … Game Farm was born! And Armenio has never looked back.

The Bento family grew, as did the Game Farm family. Armenio, Olivia and their two children dedicated themselves to producing the best tasting and highest quality game birds in Australia. With this vision, they purchased 50 acres in Glenorie, immersing themselves in sustainable and ethical game bird farming. Armenio maintained the livestock and breeding operation while Olivia coordinated the processing plant. The freshly processed game birds were then delivered by the Bento family to the finest restaurants across Sydney. Together, Armenio and Olivia developed invaluable experience in growing the most consistent and tasty game bird possible. And so, the story continues, as third-generation farmers now sit at the Game Farm family table, and with Bento’s son-in-law Scott Evans as CEO, Game Farm thrives on an unmatched love for game and passion for quality.

Preparing for the Future

Today the Game Farm brand is respected as representing the highest standards of quality control from farm gate to plate. Game Farm continues to grow speciality game birds across New South Wales using small-scale boutique farming methods, allowing a hands-on approach to raise the birds with the respect they deserve. In 2019, new homes were established for cornfed chicken in Mt Vernon NSW, for Spatchcock in Arcadia NSW and the Quail breeding and growing operations were brought together on one farm in Mandalong Valley.

These are exciting investments for the future of Game Farm – ensuring a greater ability to supply customers with the best quality products at the most affordable prices.